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Post-Op Instructions


  • Wait until numbness subsides before eating.  If you had amalgam (silver) fillings placed, avoid chewing hard or sticky foods on these teeth for 24 hours.
  • While numb, avoid biting your lips, cheeks, or tongue.  Children should be watched carefully to make sure they don’t do this as it can damage soft tissues and result in pain.
  • Sensitivity to cold and heat may occur after fillings are placed; however, symptoms should improve over time.

Crown & Bridge

  • A temporary restoration is placed to protect the tooth and preserve tissue health until the permanent restoration is fabricated by the laboratory.
  • If the temporary restoration falls off or breaks, save the pieces and call our office.
  • You may experience temperature sensitivity or soreness after the preparation appointment; however, symptoms should improve within a few days.  If symptoms do not improve or worsen, please call us.
  • You may continue your regular oral hygiene care but you will want to be careful with brushing and flossing in the area of the temporary restoration.
  • Avoid sticky and hard foods in the area of the temporary restoration in order to avoid the risk of it breaking or falling off.

Scaling & Root Planing

Root Canal Treatment

  • The treated tooth and surrounding gums may be tender after instrumentation (cleaning of the inside of the tooth) and from clamp.
  • A temporary filling is often placed until root canal treatment is completed or until a crown is fabricated; therefore, avoid hard or sticky foods that risk breaking the tooth.

Partials & Dentures

  • It is normal to experience some discomfort and speech problems while getting used to your new dentures. New dentures may need several adjustments to fit comfortably. To help with speech, read aloud for a few minutes daily. With time, your mouth will adjust and your speech should improve.
  • Remove your dentures every night to allow your gums to rest. Keep the dentures in a container of water or denture cleaner.
  • Thoroughly brush your dentures with water before wearing them.


  • Following extractions, some bleeding is to be expected.  If persistent bleeding occurs, place gauze over the area and bite down firmly for 30 minutes and repeat if necessary.  You can also bite on a tea bag to reduce bleeding.
  • Do not rinse your mouth on the day of extractions, but starting the following day, gently rinse with warm salt water every 3-4 hours (especially after meals).
  • If swelling occurs, place an ice pack or ice wrapped in a towel over the area for 30-minute increments.
  • For pain, use OTC Ibuprofen and Tylenol as directed on product labels.  Avoid aspirin unless directed by a physician.
  • Light diet is advisable during first 24 hours.
  • Avoid smoking, using straws, and aggressive spitting as they can increase the risk of dry socket.